Pinch Bag Closer Machine (With Aligner) 02

With its sturdy design and ingenious technology, the PBC machine is used to pack/seal the open mouth of Pinch Bottom Bags after filling the products. The machine comes with a continuous linear flow design, which can be configured in either of the two directions, right to left or vice versa, to allow the optimum use of production floor space.


Bags per minute

5 to 50 Kg

Bags process ability

It is an entirely automatic machine controlled with highly sophisticated HMI (Human Machine Interface). Requires minimum human intervention and comes with protective covers to ensure safety for all working around it. The aligner here holds the open end of the bag and aligns it at a particular angle ensuring the bag enters the sealing area in its predefined form for the seal to be perfect. Customers can adjust this machine according to the specification of the bags fed to it. The primary technology here is Thermoseal, i.e., heat and air pressure to seal the open end of the bag. By adjusting these variables, this machine can efficiently seal bags ranging from 5kg to 50kg, without using any glue to seal the bag.

The machine also houses various safety mechanisms that enable people to work without hazards and reduce downtime for efficient production output. A few such features are:


Backup Systems

Uninterrupted power supply(UPS) backup to ensure the safety of all the critical parts.

Warning Lights

Error indication in case of low air pressure, electrical disturbance, or overheating.

Emergency Stop

Machine automatically shuts down in case of bag jamming into the feed line of the machine.


The Trust of Mark Enterprise

We make sure that every machine that leaves our facility performs as committed. We strictly adhere to the machine design and adapt standard operating procedures that ensure quality. To further affirm the trust of the customer, each machine is checked against numerous parameters before dispatch.


  • High Quality machine parts
  • Motorized Height adjustment of sealing station
  • Toothed carrier belts for precise Bag top Control
  • Adjustable Temperature & Flow of Hot Air Sealing System
  • Pneumatic Operated Pinch Rollers
  • Safety Covers and sensors
  • Aligner for auto alignment of bag’s open mouth
  • Recipe recall
  • Right to Left Feed Direction (Left to right on demand)
  • Digitally Controlled Solenoid valve for accurate control of air


  • High Output
  • Fast Returns On Investment
  • Low Maintenance and Downtime
  • Easy to Operate
  • Versatility (5kg to 50kg bags)
  • Durability Design quality
  • Technology
  • Long Lifespan
  • Easily connected with existing bag filling line